About Us

The Shopbox Manifesto:

Help the world’s retailers sell anywhere at a moment’s notice.

All retailers should be able to sell anywhere. All customers should be able to buy anywhere. Technology should make every sales experience easy, no matter where a transaction takes place - in the desert, in a stadium or in a mall. Creating powerful retail experiences should be well within the reach of every customer-centric retailer on the planet, regardless of the tech savviness of its frontline force.

That’s what we believe at Shopbox. That’s why we exist. And that’s why tens of thousands of transactions are completed easily using Shopbox technology every week.

Shopbox Retail at Boston marathon 2015

Boston 2015

We do High Volume

This event ran 60+ registers for 3 days reaching thousands of customers.

What we do

At Shopbox, we take the IT infrastructure of a retail store, shrink it, make it rugged, make it portable and integrate all the parts. So they work reliably. Flawlessly. Securely.

In 2010, Shopbox started out serving tent stores and small pop-up shops. We’ve since optimized our technology to offer fully integrated, portable and rugged Shopbox registers - and handhelds - trusted by retailers at high-volume stadium events, marathons, festivals and seasonal events hosting as many as 100,000 guests.

Shopbox technology is so powerful and easy to use, retailers like you trust it to support your bricks-and-mortar locations, too. Our handhelds will make your inventory counts a breeze, help bring your kiosks into the black, and let you serve crowds brilliantly at your Black Friday, Back to School and Boxing Day events. Our equipment can even serve as a backup if your main system goes down.

In fact, during Hurricane Sandy, our equipment was the only system running in the Northeast. That’s because our cases run on battery power when you can’t plugin.

Driven by 4 Core Values

  • 1 Eliminate every IT barrier getting in the way of our clients’ sales success
  • 2 Simpler is better. Less is more
  • 3 Create tools to make our clients’ work easier, faster, better.
  • 4 It’s not work if you love doing it

Get Shopbox, and sell anywhere - without any tech hassle. Because you shouldn’t have to bring your IT guy to your pop-up shop.

Typical enterprise POS systems create anxiety for most frontline workers and lead to headaches for sales and regional managers. Those systems are often too bloated and cumbersome to allow mobility, easy setup and seamless transactions.

Shopbox isn’t like other systems.

It integrates with your existing POS - but strips out all of the pain. You’ll see that Shopbox is all about maximizing your flexibility while minimizing - and even eliminating - the complexity of the technology you’ve been using to run your stores.

All you need is a power source. And Shopbox.

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