The Server Case

Measures 14" L x 22" W x 9.25" D Weighs 23.5lb

Shopbox Server Case

Power your handhelds and Freight Warrior securely.

Your portable server closet, the Server Case creates a secure wireless network for dozens of registers and handhelds. Tracks inventory in real time!

  • Built-in internet with 3G/4G LTE fail over (integrated modem)
  • Spare ethernet ports LAN connection
  • Integrated router/bridge
  • Reliable wifi with full security
  • Additional Cisco Access Point (for larger areas)

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Hosts your POS Server

You can connect as many as 25 Freight Warriors to a single Server Case. Extraordinarily powerful - and built rugged to withstand repeated shipping.

Powerful, reliable, secure

The Server Case connects your handhelds to your POS System and makes it possible to process credit cards quickly, securely and reliably.

Shopbox maintenance services

Maintenance includes networking and system configuration before, during and after events.